Fuel Oil

We provide everything you need for safe and efficient home heating – from simple and reliable delivery, to heating and cooling repair, maintenance and installation. Simplify ordering and payment with our Mobile App and/or our Account Portal.

24-Hour Emergency Delivery

Call us 24/7 at (269) 343-1363 or (800) 530-1363 if you are out of oil and need an emergency fill.

Fuel Oil Furnace Service and Repair

When you buy fuel from us you have access to our experienced fuel oil service team for repairs, regular maintenance and other heating and cooling needs. Schedule a tune-up or non-emergency repairs online – Schedule Service


Choose the delivery option that best suits your needs.


We calculate your fuel usage and deliver automatically when needed based on current temperature forecasts. Combine Auto-Fill with a budget plan for a completely hassle free heating season.


We wait for you to call. Please call when your tank gauge reads 1/4 of a tank so that we can have time to fill you before you run out. Minimum delivery is 125 gallons.


We offer a variety of payment options to fit your needs.

Budget Plan

Spread out your annual energy costs into equal monthly payments. We pay you interest when you have a budget credit balance.

30-Day Account

Net 30 days terms are available with credit approval.


We can automatically process your payments so you don’t have to.


Pay the driver at the time of delivery.

Advance Payment

You can pay in advance when ordering fuel to make delivery easier.


Account Portal

Manage your account, order fuel, schedule heating and cooling services, pay bills, request paperless billing, and more.

Mobile App

Download our new mobile app to order fuel, schedule heating & cooling services, and to pay bills (available for both iOS and Android).

Tank Monitors with Mobile App

Monitor your fuel level with a mobile app. Especially helpful for for customer with propane powered generators, vacation homes, or irregular usage patterns.