The E. M. Sergeant Advantage

Why choose us for your propane heating needs? We offer easy to understand programs designed to earn your business every year, not just the first.

Fair Price Promise

No need to change propane providers again and again to get the best price — our Fair Price Promise ensures you’ll get our new customer price every year. We’ve never understood why most propane companies offer better pricing to new customers than to their loyal long term customers – we offer the same great pricing to everyone. Contact us to learn more.

No hidden fees. No tank charges. No surprises.

Many propane providers advertise a low fuel price and then add in fees to make up the difference. It may sound silly, but we like our customers to know what they’re paying up front. No hidden fees. No tank charges. No shell games. What you see is what you get. It’s that simple.

Helpful Hints when Shopping for a Propane Supplier

When shopping for a new propane supplier, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • As a new customer, do I receive any special pricing? If I were an exisiting customer what would my price be? (Many companies offer you a great deal the first year but then hike your price up the next).
  • Do you have any additional fees or charges? (Some companies charge as much as $21 per delivery in additional fees like compliance, delivery, fuel surcharge, etc).
  • Do you have an annual tank rental charge?
  • What are your billing terms?
  • Do you offer budgets that pay interest when there is a credit balance?
  • Do you offer automatic fill with 24-hour emergency service guarantees?

Order Online

Place a non-emergency order for propane online – Order Propane

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