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Sign up for one of our price protection programs and control your yearly heating costs.  Enrollment deadline is July 31, 2022.

Program Options

We have three price protection options to choose from, or you can always buy your propane at the market price.

PreBuy – $2.099 (plus tax)

Buy 500 to 3500 gallons of propane now and we will deliver it to you during the upcoming heating season using our standard delivery options. Any additional gallons will be at market price. Unused gallons cannot carry forward past April 30th, 2023 but can be refunded at their original value after the season. Or you can use those dollars to purchase propane for the following heating season at the new price.

Fixed Price – $2.3490 (Plus $49 enrollment fee and tax)

Sign up for our Fixed Price and buy all of your heating propane at the same price between the date you sign up for the program and April 30th, 2023. Max gallons 3,500.

Price Cap – $2.3990 (Plus $49 enrollment fee and tax)

Our Price Cap guarantees that your price for propane will never be more than the cap price, but could be less if the market price is less, between the date you sign up for the program and April 30th, 2023. Max gallons 3,500.

You must have a 500 gal or larger tank to qualify for these prices. Program pricing requires a fill, and your tank gauge should read 30% or less (a 250 gal minimum delivery) or a delivery charge may apply.

Will‐Call end of season Pre‐Buy orders must be placed by April 15th to ensure delivery by April 30th (delivery minimums apply), and Auto‐Fill deliveries will be made if the tank is estimated to be 40% or below by April 30th.

Additional Charges and Fees – we charge a $5 per delivery regulatory compliance fee. We do not generally charge tank rental charges, hazmat fees, PERC fees, fuel surcharges, out of route fees, or other delivery charges.

Owned Tank Discount – if you own your own tank you qualify for a $0.10 per gallon discount. A gas check fee may apply.

Terms & Conditions

1. Your account must be kept current for program pricing and/or deliveries to be made.

2. This is a price protection plan, not a supply protection plan. If our supply is disrupted for any reason then we may need to pass that disruption on to you for the same period as our disruption.

3. Any loss or damages shall be limited to a pro‐rata share of either the price cap fee or the pre‐buy payment.

4. We reserve the right to re‐establish our pricing in the event that the proposed closure of Line 5 occurs and propane prices change significantly.

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