This Model BS2 Gas–Fired Steam Boiler provides fast heat quietly and economically to assure the finest in hydronic heating. This boiler provides quality design in a small, compact unit easily installed in a basement, garage, or utility room. It can be installed on a combustible floor when an optional combustible floor base is used. The BS2 boiler is CSA certified for use with natural gas and is field convertible for use with propane gas when a factory–authorized conversion kit is used.


Range of Capacities—These boilers are available in sizes 75,000 through 299,000 BTUH.

Completely Packaged—Each boiler is completely assembled, including all controls (except room thermostat). All necessary wiring is factory installed. The boiler is ready for gas, water, room thermostat, and electrical connections as shipped.

Thermal–Pin, Cast–Iron Sections—These sections speed heat transfer from the flue gases to the boiler water with faster thermostat response, providing greater comfort and economy. Maximum heat is produced at a lower level on the thermal–pin sections, leading to peak efficiency. Steel push nipples are used between each section to provide a water–tight seal.

Integral Draft—These boilers incorporate an integral draft system to simplify installation. No external draft diverter is needed.

Titanium Composite Burners—Provide quiet operation, corrosion resistance and improved combustion efficiency. Propane convertible with accessory kit.

Controls—An automatic gas valve and intermittent pilot provide quiet dependable operation of the burners. Factory–supplied safety components assure protection against overheating, pressure build–up and low–water operation.

Insulated Casing—The casing is fully insulated with fiberglass for maximum operating efficiency and economy.

Automatic Vent Damper—The BS2 boiler is CSA design certified for use with a factory–supplied automatic vent damper. This boiler is Category 1 for venting purposes.

Sections Tested—Each section is hydrostatically tested to 50 psig. Individual sections are tested to 125 psig at factory. Assembled sections are tested to 75 psig at the factory. Maximum allowable working pressure is 50 psig. The maximum allowable pressure is 15 psig for steam boilers.